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Sean D.

     “I’m very happy with the progress that I have made and it hasn’t been easy. My weight seemed to be going in the wrong direction and I wasn’t sure if the process was going to result in the desired loss of weight and overall improvement to my health.  It took a bit of trial and error to figure out why I always seemed to be hungry just before bed time and once I figured out that I needed to have a late afternoon snack rather than a morning snack things improved greatly.  The other big challenge that I had to overcome were my portions at meals and at snack time.  Learning when I was truly full and not over consuming was another challenge that took a while to figure out.  As of week 4 I was still up in my weight but over weeks 5-7 my weight has dropped down to 244 from almost 260 pound in week 1 weigh-in.”

     “The best advice for those that are just getting started is to stick with it as everyone’s body will adjust to the new approach in unique ways and in my case that was delayed results as I figured out how I could make this a successful approach for me.  Thanks Melanie, it’s been a good expeience and very empowering to see results. “