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Remedy Stories

Remedy stories are testimonials from my clients. Each story is as unique as the person who tells it. I am honored to have been able to provide them with a remedy.


  • Melanie made me believe in Physical Therapy again. (R.G.)


  • I find Melanie’s practice to be a rarity in our profession. I’ve required PT services on/off for years due to injuries and aging. Melanie is not only a thoughtful, attentive listener, she is a very skilled therapist! She utilizes an integrative approach to care: manual therapy, therapeutic exercise, breathe work, nutrition. Melanie treats the whole person, addressing individual needs and most importantly giving an appropriate amount of  time to attend to her patient’s concerns~ which unfortunately so few practices do these days. (G.S.)


  • I can hardly believe how much it has helped me! I have gotten out and about more and am feeling like I am starting to heal. (A.L. after first visit)


  • In just our first treatment Melanie was able to reduce my neck pain by working on my tail bone, she was able to reduce the fascial tension and I was able to turn my neck side to side more than I can ever remember. (K. H.)


  • Melanie is very knowledgeable in her craft.  I was in a lot of pain and had tingling all the way down one arm.  She educated me about my condition while working on me at each of our sessions.  I have specific exercises that help me strengthen and stay in a healthy place.  Her philosophy and name say it all “Remedy”


  • I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to improve their strength and mobility. (T. M.)


  • What sets Melanie apart from other PT’s is that she takes a holistic and personable approach in treating her patients. Melanie solely works one on one with her patients allowing for a more personable and in depth session. Melanie is extremely knowledgeable not only in physical therapy but in full body wellness. (D.C)


  • Melanie is simply wonderful. She equipped me with the exercises and knowledge that I will need to help gain my strength back post surgery. She takes her time in listening to how you are feeling and what your issues are, she makes sure you understand how what she does throughout the session will help you & that you are doing it correctly to ensure positive results. (N.O.)