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Melanie made me believe in Physical Therapy again. (Roxanne G.)


 Remedy Physical Therapy & Wellness, Inc. was started out of a desire to transform patient care to be a comprehensive model that focuses on the whole path to restoration. It is my goal to provide a remedy for people stuck in the pain cycle and to help them move freely. We combine manual therapy with the 4 pillars of health: nutrition, movement, sleep, and mindset.

Your story matters, so we take time to listen and partner with you, the individual client, to problem solve the root cause of your functional limitations and provide the utmost quality care. In order to treat chronic injures and/or pain effectively it takes a multidimensional approach. You can’t expect lasting results from a linear approach of point A to point B when there are so many other dots to connect. It’s your body that needs to heal, therefore you need to understand how sleep, nutrition, movement, and your mindset matter and how they are interconnected. You need to be empowered to be proactive in your own healing. Healing can happen. Don’t ever give up hope .  

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Client testimonials:

  • I can hardly believe how much it has helped me! I have gotten out and about more and am feeling like I am starting to heal. (Ann L. after first visit)


  • In just our first treatment Melanie was able to reduce my neck pain by working on my tail bone, she was able to reduce the fascial tension and I was able to turn my neck side to side more than I can ever remember. (Kacie H.)


  • I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to improve their strength and mobility. (Tracy M.)


  • What sets Melanie apart from other PT’s is that she takes a holistic and personable approach in treating her patients. Melanie solely works one on one with her patients allowing for a more personable and in depth session. Melanie is extremely knowledgeable not only in physical therapy but in full body wellness. (Donna C.)


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Melanie Connell has been a Physical Therapist for over 18 years with certifications in manual therapy and nutritional health coaching. She is the author of the ebook, How To Tame Your Sweet Tooth: A Remedy.

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