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Carol W.

My story started, probably ten years ago while I was in my 50’s. I had gradually

gained 50 pounds. I would change my diet numerous times but nothing helped. I

never received information on how to change my diet until I was introduced to a

doctor who was more interested in getting results rather than medicating me.  He discovered

a Thyroid condition and little by little we began changing my diet through vitamins and



We seemed to be making headway, but soon realized after doing some blood work

that something was attacking my Thyroid. I worked with Melanie and my doctor to change

my diet the proper way and it finally allowed me to lose the whole 50 lbs that I had

previously gained.


I am still amazed today how changing my diet has allowed me to have so much

more energy.  I am exercising daily, enjoying vegetables for all three meals, drinking a lot

of water and always looking for new ways to feel better.  I am blessed to have Melanie

always fine tuning my diet and encouraging me to always want to be well.


I know spiritually and physically no one can do it for me. If I want to grow

spiritually, I need to pray. If I want to lose weight and feel better, I need to be the

one to change.  I know if I am feeling bad, I just look at what I’ve eaten and I don’t have to

look too far. We are what we eat. I am grateful to Melanie for giving me recipes and an

education into enhancing my 60’s.