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4 ways to begin Plantar Fasciitis treatment at home

Plantar Fasciitis

My sister who lives over seas has been struggling with it and both my son’s have complained off and on of heel/foot pain as they have been growing this year. 

It’s incredibly common. Some people seek treatment quickly and some suffer for way too long. In our PT clinic, we will assess poor functional movement patterns that lead to plantar fasciitis. 

There are several components as to what may cause the plantar fascia to become overused and aggravated. Here are a few:

  • fascial restrictions in the posterior chain
  • restricted mobility in the foot/ankle/great toe
  • weakness in the kinetic chain i.e: hips/gluts
  • poor biomechanics in walking /running that cause undo stress in the foot and ankle.

To find the root cause of your injury you must always go back to when it started and try to problem solve. You may be a runner that changed your speed work, your shoes, or your course. You may be someone who only trains in the Sagittal plane like running and don’t realize your hips are really weak laterally. You may have a lot of fascial restrictions in calves, hamstrings, low back (posterior chain) and your body doesn’t absorb the shock well from your hard heel strike in those poor shoes.  A proper biomechanical evaluation by a Physical Therapist is best for a customized plan. Remember the pain is not always the same site as the dysfunction. Stretching your calves can help but I’ve seen too many people come into the clinic still in pain from a therapist and/or doctor who subscribed only calf stretching.  

I can’t diagnose your specific problem via the internet, but if you want to learn 4 tests to help you rule out the root cause and  begin Plantar Fasciitis treatment at home then watch my Youtube video here.


Melanie Connell, MPT, MTC, CHC